Musical De Tocht

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The Musical of 2023!

The musical 2023!

De Tocht is about five skating friends who have lost touch with each other over the years due to quarrels and envy. But at a young age they made a promise to each other: "If the Elfstedentocht ever comes back, we'll do it together". A promise cannot be broken. And because one of the friends has a secret with him, there is more at stake than just getting the cross... You ride the journey alone, but you reach the goal together.

Experience the magic of the Elfstedentocht.

The Elfstedentocht has never been so close. Experience the magic of the world-famous 'Tour of Tours' and experience the power of 'together'. For everyone who dreams of one day taking part in an Eleven Cities Tour: 'It giet oan'! (It's going through) After the musical spectacle successes 'Soldaat van Oranje' and '40-45', this new Dutch musical 'De Tocht' comes in a specially built theatre with an ice floor of no less than 2,000 m2.

Spectacle musical De Tocht will premiere in October 2023 in a newly built ice theatre in Leeuwarden. The main objective of De Tocht is to let the memory of De Elfstedentocht live on, also for the generation after 'us'. In addition, the organization wants to create a musical to remember, partly by telling an impressive story and using the latest theater techniques.

until 30 June
Vanaf € 44,50
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Here you will find Musical De Tocht

Friso Theater
Newtonweg 2
8912 BD Leeuwarden
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