Excursion in the duck decoy

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

The duck decoy on the 'Kooiplaats' east of Buren is fully accesible for the public again. In a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere you will be showed around by a guide.  

In 1705, Amalia van Anhalt Dessau, prinsess of Orange, assigned to set up this duck decoy, a year after she bought Ameland. The profit was meant for her son Johan Willem Friso. Via a tour along the different capture pipes the guide tells you about this special catching method. Of course, a bit of Ameland history, will be brought up.

In the cage, different kinds of ducks are still present nowadays. In a tour of about an hour you will be fully informed about this old-Dutch craft. 

Visit the Tourist Information Office in Hollum or Nes for a program of all the activities and for buying tickets.

It is not possible to book tickets by phone or online.


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