Ameland: ideal every-season island

Whether you come to Ameland for MadNes, the sustainable skate, surf and music festival, the Kunstmaand (Art month) or just for a weekend getaway, Ameland never disappoints. With four villages and two spectacular nature reserves, it is the perfect island no matter what the season. And if you want to know what the Netherlands will be like after the energy transition, then come to Ameland for a sneak preview. The island is at the forefront of the Wadden islands’ ambition to provide all of their own water and electricity.

World Heritage

Forests, dunes and marshes, Ameland serves up a buffet of nature. And that includes its flora and fauna. You may even catch a glimpse of a deer. A century ago one brave buck crossed over from the mainland. The islanders decided to bring a doe to the island and then nature took its course.

Ameland has been both larger and smaller than it is now; shorter but much wider toward the south. The sea gives and takes. The northern side of the island, for example, is fed with sand from the North Sea, which is how the ‘Green beach’, where you can see many birds foraging, was formed.

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Water Heritage

The relationship between Amelanders and the sea has always been rather stormy. People have been living on the island since the 8th century. But it was far from a safe existence. The sea crashed in, sweeping away large portions of land and entire villages. Around 1800 there were only about three villages still remaining. The islanders connected these vilages with a dike and land began to form again on the south side of the island. This in turn created the polders, the very first thing you’ll see as your boat arrives.

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Mudflat walks for experienced walkers

When the Wad is dry and the sandbars and mudflats are visible you can walk from Holwerd to Ameland.

Mixed company

‘t Oerd is on the route of many waders such as the oystercatcher, grey polver, ringed plover and dunlin. A trip to Ameland during migration season is a sight to behold.

Take an eco-safari

In your very own ecocar in the peace and quiet of nature. Rent an ecocar and go on an eco-safari.

Royal duck decoy

In 1704 Johan Willem Friso Nassau-Oranje's mother gave him the island of Ameland as a gift. Visit the duck decoy she had built.

Taste the Wad

Go on a tour with a real Wad aficionado, comb the beach for a meal of crustaceans and salty plants and taste just how delicious island life can be.