On Schiermonnikoog you're always in nature

Tranquillity meets activity on Schiermonnikoog. The entire island is a National Park, so no matter where you walk, bike, stand or lie, nature envelops you. Enjoy the vast marshes, endless beaches or intimate dunes. Home of the annual internationally-renowned Chamber Music Festival. Free your mind, listen to the birds sing and let the magical powers of the Wadden whisk you away on the smallest of the Dutch Wadden Islands.

World Heritage

Schiermonnikoog's nature is constantly evolving. Its vast beaches were created by centuries of accretion and wind and sea continue to create so-called ‘embryo dunes’ where birds come to brood. New species are still discovered regularly in the wet dune valleys. The old pine forests were planted a hundred years ago to prevent sand drifts on the island. Carefully planned tree clearing will help them to gradually transform into a deciduous forest. Songbirds are particularly fond of these open areas.

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Water Heritage

Schiermonnikoog was separated from the Frisian mainland in St Lucia's flood on 13 and 14 December 1287. Since then the island has had a rather rocky relationship with the unpredictable water surrounding this narrow piece of land. It provided fertile soils and food but also destroyed entire villages. For a long time man attempted to reclaim the land from the sea. But the tides have turned. Man and sea are now working together to find a balance that will best benefit nature.

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5 TOP EXPERIENCES IN Schiermonnikoog

Put yourself to the test

Do you dare to make the tough trek to the Rif? You’ll feel the mud changing to sand beneath your feet. 

Wild attractive

You can find everything on the beach. Together with beachcomber Thijs de Boer you set out to make special discoveries.

Dog, cobra, dove

Upward facing dog with a view of the World Heritage Site. Sun salutations on the beach of Schiermonnikoog

Balgexpres: search for shells

The Balgexpres takes you to the Balg: the most eastern part of Schiermonnikoog.

Seal tour Engelsmanplaat

This boat trip will take you to places where there are guaranteed seals. You also visit the sandbar Engelsmanplaat and take a walk on the bottom of the sea.