Texel: island of polders and birds

The youngest and largest of the Dutch Wadden islands: Texel, island of polders and birds, where the dunes are a National Park and in the Golden Age merchant ships set out on their journey to the East.

World Heritage

An array of varying landscapes, no artificial fertiliser. The secret behind Texel's exuberant rich flora. Both fresh water and salt-tolerant varieties splash the dunes, polders and marshes of the Wadden islands with colour. Admire the orchids as they begin to bloom in May. Modest species such as the very rare fen orchid and eggleaf twayblade, breathtaking beautiful harlequins or fabulously eye-catching bee orchids. In late summer the marshes are incredibly impressive when the hardy, pioneering halophytes colour them blood red. But a visit to Texel is worth it just for the birds 

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Water Heritage

In the devastating All Saints’ Flood in 1170 Texel was ripped loose from the mainland. In the 17the century the inhabitants were able to connect their island with Eijerland, once part of Vlieland, only to have it torn loose again in the 13th century. With plants that can hold onto the sand the Tesselaars broadened the beach and dunes until a sand dike to Eijerland could be built, turning the two islands into one.

The inhabitants created polders behind the dike. In the 17th century the Waal and Burg polders were the first land areas to be permanently reclaimed from the sea. The Eendracht, the Prins Hendrik polder en Het Noorden followed in the 19th century. Texel is still much the same today but the dynamics of the Wadden are forever changing. 

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Discover the North

De Slufter is not only the favorite place of the spoon. Discover the flora and fauna of Slufter.

More than just a lookout post

Artist John Körmeling designed the ‘paviljoen voor vogelaars’ (pavilion for birdwatchers) that is suspended above the nature area. Feel at one with the landscape. 

Ice skating in the polder

The Waalenburg polder is a fantastic spot to enjoy ice skating. Grab your ice skates and hop on the boat!

I spy with my little eye...

Texel offers bird excursions year round. By bike, minibus or boat. A bird watching excursion XL or theme excursion? The choice is yours.

Slufter and birds

The sea will not be tamed in the North. The Slufter is a fantastic marshy landscape and avian paradise.