Desire for Vlieland

Ship’s doctor, writer and poet J.J. Slauerhoff spent his youth here and it provided him with a lifetime of inspiration. Most visitors will recognise that ‘yearning for Vlieland’, that island of seclusion (silence and unspoiled nature) and safety (charming Oost-Vlieland). Just like that feeling of coming home when the De Richel ferry passes by and seeing sunbathing seals during low tide. The best way to experience the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site is from this island at low tide; you can see the gullies, mudflats, piers and countless numbers of wading birds.

World Heritage

Vlieland is 39 km² and 38.6 km² of that is nature! So it’s with good reason the island is called the ‘pearl of the Wadden Sea'. 140 different species of birds come here to brood and tens of others use the island as a stopover to build up reserves for their continuing migration. And this is how Vlieland got its second nickname, ‘Sahara of the North’. Indeed, the vast sand areas of Vliehors are reminiscent of the desert. Mudflats, sand, dunes, forests, heather fields and silence all make Vlieland a paradise for birds and nature lovers alike.

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Water Heritage

With a surface area of just 39 km² Vlieland is the smallest of the inhabited Wadden islands. With Oost-Vlieland it has a village, 39 national monuments, almost no cars, kilometres of beaches and unspoiled nature. Nature determines the pace of life and holds mass tourism at bay. But it also makes us curious about life on the island and how man created it. Learn more in Museum Tromp's Huys and De Noordwester Wadden centre.

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Sahara of the North

Take the Vliehors Expres to the ‘Sahara of the North’. You’ll see seals and visit the Reddingshuisje, now the beachcombing museum.

Wading bird arrangement

Meet Vlieland's birds and breathtaking nature! Book a captivating Wading bird arrangement.

Working in splendid isolation

At Kampus Vlieland schools and other educational institutes, businesses and organisations can work on new ideas, plans and campaigns.

Kroon’s Polder with a ranger

Visit Kroon’s Polders with a ranger from the Forestry Commission? Book this very popular excursion via de Noordwester.

Thousand stars cinema

Film watching in the dunes? Three times a week during the summer months (weather permitting of course) Podium Vlieland shows (nature)films next to the outlook post at the marina.