Exciting stories about the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The Rottums

The Rottums are the least known of the Wadden islands. Those who love the Wadden would be thrilled to explore these islands, but they are closed to visitors. In this bit of the Netherlands, nature comes before humans.

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Thriving on ’t Oerd

’t Oerd is just as rugged as it sounds. It’s a nature reserve with an open connection to the sea. You won't find soft cushy nature here but it is unbelievably beautiful and compelling. You’ll feel at one with the elements.


Engulfed in nature
Flora en Fauna_Knobbelzwaan

If you’re in Makkum the Afsluitdijk and Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site are always within reach. But there is also a world of discovery right at your back door. Visit the Makkumersúdwaard (guided tour) and the Koaiwaard.

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The wild south

Experience the dynamic Wadden islands. In the unspoiled and wild nature at the southern tip of Texel new landscapes are still being created. Meander further to the north and marvel at the ever-changing landscapes.


Boschplaat: freedom!

Follow the coastline along the Wadden Sea to the east where silence and desolation get a whole new meaning. Leave the world behind and enter the dynamic landscape of the Boschplaat. Wind, water and the tides rein free and no two days are ever the same.