Het Friese Museumdorp

The village’s proximity to the sea has been both a boon to income as well as a threat. While strolling through the village you will learn more about the strong connection we share with the sea and our history as a fishing village” Earlier the village was surrounded by lakes and waterways, but now only the channel – or “opfeart” – entering the village remains.  The village is also home to a beautiful Church built on the mound during the middle ages.

You can discover some of the ancient handicrafts, the workroom of the painter and the blacksmith. The bakery and the authentic local pub ‘The ‘Meermin’ (Mermaid)’. The quintessential Frisian farm and two churches. It is here where the local folktales and legends of the Frisians villagers as a community come to life again.

Frisian folklore in a nutshell.

Opening times

  • Vanaf 7 mei gaan we weer volledig open! Iedere donderdag t/m zondag van 11:00 - 17:00 uur.


Het Friese Museumdorp
Meerweg 4
8758 LC Allingawier
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