Brekers - IVS Bar & Grill

It has been a while since De Vijverhut underwent a metamorphosis and that the new identity Brekers was born. Now, exactly five years later, the enthusiastic Brekers team has made sure that this name, within and outside the region, becomes an understanding. Especially the big outdoor playground is popular with children, guaranteed success! Would you like to experience Brekers hospitality during the many nice outings, wine and eateries, theater dinners or during a delicious high tea or high wine? Then we would like to see you at Helmweg 9 in Groote Keeten.

Opening times

  • Tu -Sa : 12:00 hour,
    Su: 11:30 hour,
    Explanation: IVS Bar & Grill pop up is open from Thursday to Sunday. If there is a wedding or party, then there is no barbecue restaurant that day. First check if IVS is open on the day of your choice is wise.


Helmweg 9
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