Cruise through Lauwersmeer National Park

Rondvaartbedrijf Lauwersmeer, Anjum

During a cruise through the Lauwersmeer National Park, the captain will tell you all about the history, nature, and culture of this beautiful area.

Welcome aboard the Vlinderbalg. You are in good hands with us for a well-organized sailing trip. On board the nostalgic cruise boat "Vlinderbalg," you can enjoy a cozy cruise with or without catering.

The Vlinderbalg is primarily to be admired in the beautiful nature reserve of Lauwersmeer. The Lauwersmeer area is partly a National Park and partly open waterways. The captain of the ship will tell you about the rich history of the nature area and the flora and fauna that can be admired along the way during the cruise. The route is not fully predetermined and can be decided in consultation with groups.

"Sail with us and experience the beauty of the Lauwersmeer area in a unique way."

until 29 October
Vanaf € 8,- (voor kinderen)
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Here you will find Cruise through Lauwersmeer National Park
Rondvaartbedrijf Lauwersmeer

Oostmahorn 29
9133DT Anjum
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