Terschelling: beautiful nature, rich in culture

From the boat you can see the only natural bay of the Netherlands. You’ll arrive at the only port situated entirely in a nature reserve (Natura 2000). And you haven’t even gone ashore yet. Terschelling offers beautiful nature and rich culture. But it’s the combination of the two that really make it exceptional. There's the enormous bunker complex buried beneath the Hoge Duin, the shipwreck house on the Boschplaat and of course the local theatre festival Oerol.


  • Steer the Land Rover into the darkness

    Let the starlit nights on Terschelling enchant you!

    Steer the Land Rover into the darkness
  • Catch you own BBQ

    What gets caught in the fish traps on the mudflats? What does it taste like? Grill your own catch on the BBQ. Seasoned with local spices.

    Catch you own BBQ
  • World Heritage on your tongue

    Seals sunbathing on the sand plate. Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site and the flavours of the Wadden on your tongue.

    World Heritage on your tongue
  • Wander across the Boschplaat

    A beacon on the vast Boschplaat: the shipwreck house. Let the dynamics of the sea work their magic on you.

    Wander across the Boschplaat
  • Year-round covered wagon rides

    Covered wagons, sleighs, horse carts, a bridal carriage and a lounge carriage with extra wide benches. Enjoy and relax.

    Year-round covered wagon rides

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