Friesland: quirky and free

From the Afsluitdijk the Wadden coast stretches out from Friesland in a gentle curve to the Lauwersmeer lake area. Man created this land behind the dikes with its old fishing villages and a few simple harbours as gateways to the islands. You’ll find salt-tolerant nature outside the dikes and a whole lot more on offer inside the dikes: wide open landscapes, horizon, mound villages with medieval churches, darkness and glorious silence. Here was once seabed. Villages well-known from the Elfsteden (Eleven cities) such as Workum, Harlingen, Franeker, Leeuwarden and Dokkum are also located here.  Wayward and free. A Wadden land of excess you simply must see to believe.

  • World heritage

    Makkum en omgeving
  • Water heritage

  • Taste of the Wadden


  • The old coastal fishing

    Learn all about the old coastal fishing and the life of the residents of the double-sided Paesens-Moddergat.

  • Walking on the edge of salt and fresh water

    Living on the edge of salt and fresh water? Explore the area with a guide from the Waddenvereniging and It Fryske Gea.

    Afsluitdijk Wadden Center
  • At the top of the highest mound

    Discover everything about how the dwelling hill was created and then dug away in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Hegebeintum visitors centre.

  • Taste, walk and marvel

    Walk on the mudflats, eat from the sea, mudflat excursions or maybe even prepare a saline delicacy? It’s all possible at Oan ‘y Dijk in Paesens-Moddergat.

  • Admiralty of Friesland

    In the neighbourhood? Take a walk through the city of Dokkum and visit the 17th-century building of Admiralty of Friesland and Groningen.