Discover the Wadden coast of Germany

The German Wadden area is the place to be for everyone who loves the beach and the sea. Whether you enjoy swimming, water sports, walking on the mudflats or just want to be pampered. There are various health resorts and wellness centres both on the islands and the mainland that use the Wadden Sea's cleansing seawater.

Wattenmeer National Park

The German Wadden area stretches from Borkum in the southwest of the German coast to Sylt in the northeast. The area is divided into three national parks that border the German states of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, Together they form ‘Nationalpark Wattenmeer’.

A lot of Wadden islands
There are fourteen inhabited Wadden islands that are divided into the East Frisian and North Frisian islands. The East Frisian islands include Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge. Contrary to the Dutch islands, the East Frisian islands hardly have any polders for agriculture.

The German North Frisian Wadden area has large sandbars and dune islands. The islands are Sylt, Föhr, Amrum, Pellworm and Nordstrand. Unique to this part of the Wadden Sea are the tiny mound islands called the Halligen islands which are submerged during storms. Each island has its own unique character. Whether you're looking for exercise or relaxation, there's an island for you.

Wadden wellness

The islands and the mainland both offer wonderful opportunities to escape into the beautiful nature of the German Wadden area. Both literally and figuratively. The various wellness centres and health resorts make good use of the cleansing Wadden Sea water. And the purifying sea air also does wonders for body and mind.

The island of Juist, for example, is an oasis for anyone who wants to get away from it all and enjoy nature. You can relax on the peaceful beach or go for a nature hike on this car-free island. And if that's not enough, why not visit a large wellness centre where you can let your cares float away in a swimming pool or whirlpool filled with cleansing seawater?

The island of Norderney also offers great ways to unwind. In 1797 Norderney was the first island on the German North Sea coast to become a sea resort. And it remains so to this day. There are also a great many health resorts and wellness centres on the mainland.

Ever-changing nature

Want to do more than just relax? You can exercise to your heart's content in the Wattenmeer National Park. Baltrum and Langeoog are excellent surfing areas where you can go wild in the ever-changing nature and the tempestuous sea. There are also water sports galore on Borkum and in the various coastal cities such as Cuxhaven. You'll also find numerous cycling and walking paths that will guide you along all this natural beauty.

You'll be spoiled for choice in the German Wadden area. Every season is different: experience storm floods during autumn, ice and snow on the beaches during winter, blossoming marshlands in spring and vast, clear blue skies during summer!

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    Thalassotherapy on Juist
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  • Amrum

    Experience the true island feeling on Amrum. An island that boasts Europe's largest beach and a lively North Frisian culture full of unique traditions.


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