Ode to the landscape

Just look around; there's no mistaking where you are. The Wadden has a strong sense of place. You can always feel the Wadden Sea, even when you can’t see it. The smell, the wind, the screeching seagulls. But also the landscape. Because no matter how much humans have altered it, it is still clear that it was formed by the sea. From the fertile clay to the highest dune.

Wadden Islands - Discover Ode to the landscape of the Wadden

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  • Walking in words

    An ode to island and sea. Discover the beauty in the melancholy of writer and poet Slauerhoff

    Walking in words
  • Oerol

    Site-specific theatre in its primal form

  • Intimacy

    The landscape as a chamber for music

  • Positive energy

    A stupa between the church steeples

    Positive energy
  • Wild and wonderful

    The Spang duck decoy's unique biotope

    Wild and wonderful

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