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The Danish Wadden area Vadehavet National Park is the largest national park in Denmark. The characteristic open landscape is wild and varied. From beach and dune landscapes to marshlands, coastal fields, estuaries and cool, sheltered areas behind the dikes and polders. Also, you'll find an abundance of culture just waiting to be discovered.

Nationalpark Vadehavet

The Nationalpark Vadehavet has been part of the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage since 2014. This largest national park in Denmark is made up of the Danish waters of the Wadden Sea, the Danish Wadden islands Rømø, Madø and Fanø and expansive marshlands such as Tjæreborgmarsken, Ribemarsken, Margrethekogen along the coast. In the North the Wadden Sea ends in the Ho Bay, where the Varde flows into the sea. Unique in this area are the Morene Cliffs of Marbaek.

Outdoor life and breathing in culture
The Wadden (mudflats) area of Denmark with its unique nature and culture is the perfect destination for enjoying outdoor life. Ho Bay, together with the small island of Langli and the Skallingen peninsula, form one of the most unspoiled natural landscapes in the entire Wadden area.

Wadden islands Rømø, Mandø and Fanø, each with their own unique character, adorn the coastline like a precious gemstone necklace. Here you can enjoy the sea, take a relaxed walk along the beach or simply wander through the dunes. There are also beautiful forests and heather fields on the islands for you to enjoy. The village of Sønderho on Fanø is so picturesque you absolutely won't want to miss it.

On the mainland you can catch a breath of fresh air on the dikes, admire the Kwelders or be mesmerised by the many migratory birds. There is also more than enough to do in the quaint cities and villages such as Ribe and Tønder. Culture connoisseurs will love the Ribe VikingeCenter or the Tønder Festival with folk music.

Birds and the black sun

The Wadden Sea is extremely important to the 10 to 12 million birds who migrate to their breeding grounds or winter habitats during the spring and autumn. The birds find everything they need in the sea to complete their journey. From mussels to small fish, the Wadden Sea is an important source of food for all these birds. They can also find a great deal of food in the marshes along Denmark's coast. And the areas behind the dikes are a true larder for many birds, including wigeons, barnacle and brent geese.

One of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Denmark is the so-called ‘black sun’ (sorte sol). Enormous flocks of thousands of starlings congregate above the marshes in the autumn, literally turning the sky black with birds. Above the Tøndermarsk you can even see flocks of more than a million starlings!

Visitors centre

The Wadden Sea Centre, possibly the most beautiful visitors centre in the entire Wadden area, is the place to start you journey of discovery in the Wadden Sea National Park. Admire the modern ‘The Migratory Birds Wadden Sea’ exhibition in this magnificent architectonic edifice. Or go on one of the many excursions with a professional guide who can tell you absolutely everything about the Danish Wadden area! From seal safari to oyster, mussel or Schnapps tour. There's something for everyone.

Bezoek het Wadden Sea Centre

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