The regions of the Wadden are waiting to share their own special stories. World class nature, living with the tides, the sea and the land. Yet each region has its own very unique character. That’s pretty amazing. Come and explore which region(s) suits your wishes, your travel companions and the amount of time you have to a tee. Come and discover the diversity that is the Wadden. 

Wadden Sea World Heritage

They are all located in or adjacent to the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site but each region in the Wadden area has its own character and charm. Discover the 8 differences.


The youngest and largest of the Dutch Wadden islands: Texel, island of polders and birds, where the dunes are a National Park and in the Golden Age merchant ships set out on their journey to the East.

Meer over Texel


Ship’s doctor, writer and poet J.J. Slauerhoff spent his youth here and it provided him with a lifetime of inspiration. Most visitors will recognise that ‘yearning for Vlieland’.

Meer over Vlieland


From the boat you can see the only natural bay of the Netherlands. You’ll arrive at the only port situated entirely in a nature reserve. Terschelling offers beautiful nature and rich culture.

Meer over Terschelling


Whether you come to Ameland for MadNes, the Kunstmaand or just for a weekend getaway, Ameland never disappoints. With four villages and two spectacular nature reserves, it is the perfect island no matter what the season.

Meer over Ameland


Tranquillity meets activity on Schiermonnikoog. The entire island is a National Park, so no matter where you walk, bike, stand or lie, nature envelops you.

Meer over Schiermonnikoog

Coast North-Holland

From the Afsluitdijk near Den Oever the Wadden coast stretches from North Holland via Stroe, Hippolytushoef and the Amstelmeer to Den Helder. Here you’ll find a little authentic ‘bit of Holland’.

Meer over Coast North-Holland

Coast Friesland

From the Afsluitdijk the Wadden coast stretches out from Friesland in a gentle curve to the Lauwersmeer lake area. Man created this land behind the dikes.

Meer over Coast Friesland

Coast Groningen

From the endless horizons in the Oldambt to the nature in Lauwersmeer Lake National Park; there’s a lot to see, do and experience on the Wadden coast of Groningen.

Meer over Coast Groningen

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