The Wadden area’s most breathtaking routes

Bicycling, walking, boating or driving; choose your mode of transportation and start exploring the Wadden area. We’ve collected the most stunning routes for you on this page. Venture out and enjoy the amazing beauty that makes this area so special. No two days are ever alike in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • Den Helder

    Den Helder

    Deze gevarieerde route loopt langs de verschillende landschappen van de kop van Noord-Holland. Het open...

    (24.1 km)

  • Helderse Duinen

    Helderse Duinen

    Wandelen in en rond Den Helder?! Jazeker. Wie naar de kop van Noord-Holland reist, wordt beloond met...

    (15.5 km)

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