Ode to the landscape of Texel

Immortally beautiful: That is how writer Jan Wolkers described Texel. And once you’re there, you’ll understand what he means. Texel is a miniature version of the Netherlands, tulip fields and all, while the tuunwallen (pasture walls) add a touch of England. And there are also Haubargs, schapenboeten (sheep sheds) and sheep of course. Idyllic and rugged at the same time, the island attracts many artists. You can admire their work in one of the many galleries or during the Klifhanger art festival. Or let the island inspire you to write your own ode to the landscape of Texel.

De Hoge Berg (The High Mountain)

Typical Texel is what you’ll find on De Hoge Berg. A modest height but a unique landscape you’ll only find on this island. Walk or cycle to the top for the most breathtaking views.

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