Fortuna Vlieland

Guided tour and beer tasting

During the guided tour in Fortuna Vlieland you will meet the brewer. He explains why Vlieland is so unique as a place to brew beer. You will receive information about the brewing process and about the secret recipes of our Fortuna Vlieland beers. A visit to the cinema and the exhibition on the floor are part of the tour. We conclude with a tasting and a view over the dunes and sea.

The tasting following the tour will be held on the top floor of Fortuna Vlieland. Specially designed Fortuna furniture fills the space. Beer tasting with a view of the seasonings' harvesting soil; that is a special experience.


  • every Saturdayat 15:00
    at 16:15


  • Fixed price€12.50 Guided tour is possible for adults and children from 12 years old. Participation in the tasting from 18 years.
  • Children€9.50 Kinderen van 12 t/m 17 jaar.



  • Not for children under 12 yearsYes

Target group

  • ChildrenYes
  • GroupsYes
  • Young peopleYes
  • AdultsYes
  • Senior citizensYes

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Fortuna Vlieland
Fortuna Vlieland
Fortweg 10
8899 CC Oost-Vlieland
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