The visible character

Complex locks

The three enormous lock complexes form a stark contrast against the sky above the Wadden Sea. The Cleverings locks are the result of four centuries of planning and fighting about the closure of the Lauwerszee Sea.

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Meander through time

Once the Hunze meandered through the landscape between marsh and city. Throughout the centuries the river has become canalised, turning it into a monument of historic waterworks.

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The last polder

The Carel Coenraad polder is the last polder to be constructed in the Oldambt as an employment project in the 1920s. The mudflat workers’ barracks have a surprising history.

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Dutch mountains

The first Dutch Delta Design. The terps and mounds show how the first inhabitants of the Wadden coast protected themselves against the sea. Not far to climb for a peak experience.

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