Discover the Military Heritage of Terschelling

In 1666, during the Second Anglo-Dutch war, Terschelling was invaded by an English fleet. Soldiers razed nearly all the houses on West-Terschelling down to the ground. The Brandaris was one of the few remaining buildings. More than 250 years later, the Germans set foot on Terschelling. Both events left their marks on the island. Take a look at the destruction layer that is still visible after more than 350 years. Visit the Tiger fortifications with the imposing command bunker ‘Bertha’.

  • Forgotten disaster

    The destructive layer in front of Museum ‘t Behouden Huys dates back to 1666, which was a disaster year for the island. A monument makes it a permanent feature.

    Forgotten disaster
  • Stryper Wyfke

    “Hundreds are standing around, but thousands of them are lying there.” Discover the saga of Stryper Wyfke, the saviour of Terschelling.

    Stryper Wyfke
  • Widerstandsnest 9 M

    Emotive history, but a beautiful view. The German army had good reason to choose this location for Widerstandsnest 9 M.

    Widerstandsnest 9 M
  • Het Wrakkenmuseum

    Cannons! The shipwreck museum Wrakkenmuseum has a few, found in wrecks north of the island.

    Het Wrakkenmuseum


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