Vineyard Hof van 't Hogeland


"Just imagine in France, a southern slope lined with rows of vines. This vineyard is more organic than organic, because I do not use any pesticides at all."

The Vineyard is standing on the Groot Maarslag mound, between Schouwerzijl and Mensingeweer. Elma Middel is the winegrower, wearing a straw hat  on her head and keeping her tools tied the belt on her stomach. The Vineyard Hof van 't Hogeland started in 2013. "The earthquakes were a problem at the beginning," she says, "the house and shed turned out to be unsellable and so we thought: lets pull our sleeves up and see what we can make out of the clay."

There are 2200 bushes located on the almost one hectare big slope, which supplies enough resources for around 2000 bottles per year. Two types of shrubs are grown at the vineyard: the Polaris and the Johanniter. “The Polaris is resistant to mildew. Meaning I don't have to spray it with copper. You can very often smell wine that has been sprayed with copper. The Johanniter grape is ripe a month later than the Polaris. The two varieties were meant to blend. But the yield is so good that it is not necessary. "

“This vineyard is more organic than organic. I don't use anything at all, not a single pesticide. The only thing I add is the manure from the horses and the chickens. I am not allowed to promote the super-biological production because it is not recognized by a label, " says the winegrower. She does not process the grapes herself: “That is a profession in itself. I have this done at the A. Pierik winery in Bentelo. ”

“I focus on the higher segment. My clients are restaurants such as: Among the Linden in Aduard, Schierstee in Wehe-den Hoorn. There is also a company that puts this wine in their Christmas packages. The price for a bottle is 17.50. "

Talk to a winegrower and you have a moral and practical obligation to taste their creation. The wine puts an oil-like layer on your tongue. The fruitiness of apples and pears is striking in combination with the walnut aftertaste. The only thing missing now is a piece of cheese from Franche-Comté.

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Here you will find Vineyard Hof van 't Hogeland

Groot Maarslag 12
9961TB Mensingeweer
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