Noordpolderzijl dijk


The view from a dyke is almost always worth it. But this place has something extra: those who walk it in a northerly direction will arrive at the northernmost point of the Groningen mainland.

When standing on the dyke you have a beautiful wide view over the mudflats and the fishing port. The village of Noordpolderzijl can be seen on the other side. At the uprising of the dyke, near the floodgate, a monument has been made out of stone . On the side of the sea, blue-gray stripes run on a surface of old, red bricks. The waves symbolize the power of the Wadden Sea. Blue-grey stripes can also be seen on the other side of the floodgate, but in this case they are horizontal and placed on a surface of new red bricks. This is a symbol of the underlying polder landscape. 'T Zielhoes is located next to the dyke. A nostalgic café is located in this former lockkeeper's house.

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Here you will find Noordpolderzijl dijk

Zijlweg 48
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