Feather Down Hoeve Meskenwier


Just outside the picturesque village of Akkrum, Hoeve Meskenwier is a classic Friesian “headlong hull” farm along the river Boarn. Complete with private dock and boat rental, this is the perfect glamping location for a weekend boating on Friesland.

Activities on the farm:

From the farm, where some 50 calves are kept, you have a panoramic view. There is also plenty of room for the kids to roam around. The little ones can help the farmer looking after the calves or seek a fresh egg. Go ahead and fill the tub full of water to enjoy the sunset from the hot tub.

Hoeve Meskenwier is built in a typical Friesian style known here as a “head, neck and body” farm. The head was traditionally used for cheese and butter making but due to the lack of refrigeration at the time, always faced north. The neck housed the living quarters and the body would have been used for sheltering the cattle and storing the supplies.

Corn is also grown at Hoeve Meskenwier: in the summer it grows up to 2 metres high. You can walk through the cornfields at any time of the day and you might come across deer and other animals that are looking for food and shelter there. The farmland is surrounded by the Boarn river, and there is a splendid circular walk from the tent area along the river. For children there is more than enough to do on and around the farmyard; cuddling the rabbits, the goats, and the ponies. Relaxation, space, adventure, and hospitality are the keywords that will remind you of your holiday at Meskenwier.

Farm campsite
Afstand tot jouw locatie:

Here you will find Feather Down Hoeve Meskenwier

Meskenwier 2
8491 MN Akkrum
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