Gemeenelandsweg 110 - 116


The detached double villa on the MUZ park was built around 1927 to accommodate senior staff who worked on the construction of the Afsluitdijk.

The detached double villa with the name 'Villa Nieuwland' was built around 1927. The original wooden roof construction is still intact. In the roof are several dormer windows with sloping killen. There are three rectangular brick chimneys.

The building is built in brick. Above the plinth, the wall is provided with a layer of stucco in the historical color light grey-green.

MUZ Park Villa Nieuwland is the largest house in the MUZ park. This park provided shelter for people who helped with the Zuiderzee works. This striking villa was built for directors Bos en Van Hattum and their families. The inside is still quite good. The beams, ceilings and the original sliding doors are still there.

In 1934 the building was bought by the Dutch Youth Herberg Centrale and was then used as a youth hostel. There have been times when as many as a hundred young people stayed in the youth hostel. Due to fire safety requirements, the youth hostel had to be closed in the 1990s. Then it became an asylum seekers center. This situation also became too flammable. The building has stood empty for years.

A low point is the winter of 2009 when the melting snow has poured in through the boarded-up building. The villa was completely renovated in 2011 and has regained its original state.

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Here you will find Gemeenelandsweg 110 - 116

Gemeenelandsweg 116
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