It Noarderleech - Noard Fryslan Butendyks

Bring your binoculars and look from the dike, the bunker or on the salt marsh at all the birds against the always lovely skies. Don’t forget to look down, where the samphire grows happily among all kinds of beautiful salt marsh plants. Nice to walk, with or against the wind, and continuously admire all the gorgeous sights. Walk amongst all the colours in the summer and the completely different landscape in the winter, beautiful and untouched and in perfect tranquillity.

Also stop by the visitor centre where you can pour your own cup of coffee and It Fryske Gea will playfully introduce you to the area and its residents. This is also the starting point of excursions that are regularly organised by the area managers who inspire you with their love for the area and through whose eyes you see so much more!



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