Dorpsstraat 93


For many years the drapery shop of the Brouwer family was located in the house with shop at Dorpsstraat 93.

The house with shop presumably dates from 1670. For years, the drapery shop of the Brouwer family was located here. The wooden top facade is scalloped at the bottom, the top is decorated with a beautiful broker.

Until 1913, the house belonged to mason J. Lodder. It was then converted into a drapery business owned by Evert Brouwer. In 1928 another renovation of the business followed. His son, Jan Brouwer, took over the business in 1932. The drapery shop of J.P. Brouwer existed until November 1975.

Sources - Archives Municipality of Hollands Kroon - Historical photos via current owner - Image bank of the Alkmaar Regional Archives via

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Here you will find Dorpsstraat 93

Dorppsstraat 93
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