Experience the tranquility in Schettens! This is possible in the fully restored church in the rustic Schettens.

To rest

Unwind in the Church of Schettens. Surrounded by green meadows, with a view of the Wadden Sea Region. Experience the history and relax with a real church stay. It is a bit like 'champing', the English word for 'Church+Camping', but then staying overnight with the luxury of a hotel.


Everyday life quickly passes you by. Some time for yourself in silence might do you some good. In the Church of Schettens you have the opportunity to take a break from the daily busy agenda.

In the front church is the vestry, the place where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast brought by the local baker. The bathroom is also located here. In the church area you will find the "lounge area", where there are two lovely armchairs. On the second floor of the tower is the bedroom, with two beds and a beautiful view.

With our state-of-the-art sound system you can enjoy your own music in the church.

Would you like to stay overnight with more than 2 people? This is no problem, we will place 2 additional beds in front of the church for you.

Bed & Breakfast
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Van Osingaweg 3
8744EV Schettens
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