Partyship de Koperen Hoorn


Have you ever looked at Westfriesland from the water? Sailing isn't just fun, but is also about enjoying the delightful calm and fantastic green landscape of the top of the province of North-Holland. The special atmosphere on the water makes every jubilee...

Have you ever viewed the West Frisian living environment from the water? Boating is not only fun, but it is also enjoying the beneficial peace and fantastic green landscape of the Kop van Noord Holland. This special atmosphere on the water makes every anniversary, staff party, meeting, senior citizen trip, wedding or birthday a special experience. Both business and private. Sailing on the Copper Horn is pure enjoyment. You sit back and the people behind the party boat, skipper Theo van der Fluit and hostess Tiny Hoogstraten-Groustra ensure that you lack nothing.

With years of sailing and catering experience, they have been operating their own party boat since 2005. With their personal service and the brunches, lunches and buffets of catering company Hugo, they will provide you with an unforgettable cruise.

 They pay extra attention to the youngest guests so… you do not have a child with your children. The boat is equipped with a cozy bar, equipped with a wheelchair lift and an adapted toilet for the disabled. The sides can be opened completely in good weather and the spacious aft deck is a great place to sit. Theo and Tiny make every trip a party. They like to see their guests enjoy.

 Party boat De Koperen Hoorn can also be booked in combination with horse tram De Koperen Stir Stirrup (pulled by a tractor).

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Here you will find Partyship de Koperen Hoorn

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