Hervormde Kerk


After the crucifixion was demolished, the foundation stone was laid in June 1876 by Reverend A.C.H. turkey.

Tower of three sections; the sides enlivened by profiled pointed arch niches; The upper section closed by a pointed arch frieze with carved corbels; eight-sided striker. The foundation of the tower was laid in the thirteenth century. This was followed by construction in four phases. This is clearly visible on the outside of the tower. At that time it was necessary to build church buildings in phases. Time had to be allowed between each construction phase for the tower to sag. A section was probably built on top every 50 years. The tower was completed in the fifteenth century. In the tower hangs a loud bell from 1653 by François and Pieter Hemony, with a diameter of 138 cm.

Despite the lengthy 'sagging period', the tower has leaned over the years. In the thirteenth century, a Gothic cruciform church was built against the tower. This church was demolished in 1876 for construction reasons. It was decided to build a new church building on the site of the original church. After the crucifixion was demolished, the foundation stone was laid in June 1876 by Rev. A.C.H. turkey. Inauguration of the new church took place on December 16, 1877. The organ was built by the Van Dam brothers from Leeuwarden for the sum of f. 5640.–. The most talked about pastor who preached in the new church was Rev. Schermerhorn, who from September 1894 to July 1929 managed to attract so many audiences that the church was sometimes too small to accommodate everyone. Over the years, church attendance decreased, but the architectural defects of the church increased. Less than a hundred years after its dedication, this church was demolished.

It was replaced by a smaller, more efficiently designed church building, which was inaugurated on May 22, 1966.

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