Wijnberg Wadexcursions


Wijnberg Wadexcursies organizes excursions for people who go to Ameland for a day, a weekend or a midweek.

These activities are for groups of people who want something different than the usual tourist attractions. The activities are for small groups of people who are on a staff outing, want to do a workshop, want to do team building and / or enjoy outdoor activities. Your guide / host is a born Amelander who has been wandering in nature all his life and who is primarily interested in what nature has to offer in the culinary field. Here are a few of the possible activities for groups: Cooking with products from nature Go catching shrimp. Then cook together Collect mussels, cockles and oysters from the mudflats and prepare them yourself Fish smoking workshop. Filleting fish yourself, seasoning and smoking Tour with jeep on the beach. Only between 15 September and 1 May Dune walk, or poaching tour with explanation about fishing and hunting on Ameland Providing a jutters breakfast or jutters brunch Sleeping facilities Other activities

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Kekelburen 11
9161 DS Hollum
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