Domies Toen


A unique botanical garden near the Petruskerk in Pieterburen.

'Domies Toen', to the letter 'the garden of the vicar', is an old pastoral garden. An English style garden was laid in 1880, with a monumental red beech and plane tree. The parsonage was demolished in 1960, but the garden was saved and was given the name Domies Toen. In the garden there is still the old garden house, built in 1710. The garden is bordered on one side by an age-old garden wall. In the spring (almost) all 'stinzen plants' in the Netherlands bloom there, in the summer the flower meadows with countless native plants, including many species of the Red List. There are also borders and a herb garden in this special botanical garden.

The garden is open all year round.

Vanaf € 3,- (voor volwassenen)
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Here you will find Domies Toen

Domies Toen
Hoofdstraat 76
9968 AG Pieterburen
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