Historische woning - Dorpsstraat 61


The house at Dorpsstraat 61 was built in 1923. The storefront is still a reminder of the time when a drugstore and then an Albert Heijn were located there.

The former shop with house was built in 1923.

The shop front is a reminder of the time when a shop was located here. The shop space and the owner's living room are both located at the front of the building. There was a small storage room in the back of the store where products were stored.

There's an FA drugstore. J. Kruijff was established, this was driven by Mr. J. Hart. Then, in April 1932, a branch of the Albert Heijn retail chain was opened. This is the first (and so far last) Albert Heijn store in Nieuwe Niedorp.

The characteristic turrets are in the Jugendstil style.

The building has no monumental status.

Sources - Archives Municipality of Hollands Kroon - Supplied newspaper articles from the current owner

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Here you will find Historische woning - Dorpsstraat 61

Dorpsstraat 61
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