Monumentaal woonhuis - Oude Streek 42


This characteristic monumental house is located behind the Turfschuren on the Benedenkolk.

The house on the Oude Streek is located behind the old seawall on which the characteristic Turfschuren are still standing. Der Oude Streek runs from the former 'Wip Bridge' to the 'School Bridge' along the water of the Benedenkolk to the Voorsloot.

The facade is plastered white and the ridge of the gable roof is parallel to the Benedenkolk. The side wall has a wooden top paneling in the characteristic color green. The leader and bargeboards are sober.

The archives show that in October 1956 a permit was granted for the construction of a 'closet and shower', which served to 'improve village hygiene'. The toilet and shower were realized in the workshop and could be reached through the utility room. The workshop/shed as shown on the drawing at the time no longer exists.

In May 1978, a permit was granted for the renovation of the house. The archive documents show that advice was obtained from the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Social Work, National Service for Monuments Care. It is mandatory that the materials for the exterior work must be in accordance with the existing building in terms of colour, dimensions and quality.

Sources Reasonable description of the monument via Archives of the municipality of Hollands Kroon

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Here you will find Monumentaal woonhuis - Oude Streek 42

Oude Streek 42
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