De Slufter

De Slufter is the only area in the Netherlands where the sea washes in unhindered. At high tide the sea floods the creeks in the area and De Slufter becomes full. The only plants that grow here are ones that can withstand salt water, such as sea lavender and sea aster. The plants blossom during the summer months and colour De Slufter pink, lilac and purple. The salicornia gives the area a red glow during autumn. De Slufter is easily accessible and various footpaths run through the area. Bordering this area is De Muy nature reserve.

Beautiful footpaths run through De Slufter and De Muy, and the Dutch Forestry Commission has set out various signposted routes. Further north the countryside certainly is worth a visit. The beach around the lighthouse is impressively wide and offers a wonderful view of the Wadden Sea as well as the North Sea.


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