In the autumn of 1940 a watchtower was built at the Vijfhuizen on the seawall to watch out for enemy planes. The sentries stayed in a barrack that stood on the land of P. Porte.

(this story is part of the Noarderleech route of the Battle for the Wadden)

During the war, in the area to the right, there was a barracks with a watchtower for the German air guard on the Koedijk. Dienststelle L00998.

In the autumn of 1940, a viewing tower was built on the seawall at Vijfhuizen to keep an eye out for enemy aircraft. The guards stayed in a barracks that stood on the land of P. Porte. There were always air guards in the tower and they were relieved every two hours. There was a telephone connection with Leeuwarden Air Base. Until the end of 1944 there were always 6 to 15 people in the barracks. The local population was paid for things such as hot food, water and fuel. At the end of 1944, the Germans moved their post to Roeda farm near Noorderleeg. Vijfhuizen’s local population then started to demolish the wood from the tower. There was a parapet underneath the tower made of wood with sandbags in between. The Germans ordered the local residents to repair it for show, only to have it demolished themselves a few weeks later.

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