Rondje Schier

Dunes, special vegetation, sandvalley's and almost no cars. Definitly an unique and various bike trip; Get around Schier. Start can be done at the tourist centre or bike rental place near the boat. You will ride along the characteristic houses on the island and the cossy terraces in the village centre to the Westerplas where you will find a perfect bird lookout on your way to the lighthouse. The bicycle path will take you to the beaches, through the dunes along various beach entrances and nice beach house where you can stop for a drink. Then you will see the Kobbeduinen and Willemsduinen on your way to the reclaimed land.
You will find nice historic places during the ride, a cemetary where in ancient time drowning peolple where buried, the bunkermuseum but also the modern recreation places that makes Schiermonnikoog a pleasant island to discover by bike.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Reeweg 5
9166 PW Schiermonnikoog
End point: Reeweg 5

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