The Atlantic wall in the Wadden Sea area

75 years ago, on 6 June 1944, the Atlantic wall broke during D-Day. From Den Helder, the Wadden Sea area was protected by the German land forces, Navy and Air Force. Den Helder was bombed over 150 times, and Lancasters crossed the sea and over the Frisian islands to cities like Hamburg to bomb them in turn. Radar stations were built in defence and hundreds of bunkers were built in the Wadden Sea area. Learn about the exciting story of the war in the sky above the Wadden and the Atlantic wall.

  • Hear eyewitness accounts in the Atlantic wall Centre about how Den Helder became a ghost town. 
  • Cycle through the dunes on the island of Texel to explore the bunkers and hear the dreadful story about the Russian war; Europe’s last WWII battlefield.
  • Explore a complete bunker below the dunes on the island of Vlieland.
  • Go and see the bunker near the IJsselmeer Dam, the only place in Europe where the Blitzkrieg was stopped in May 1940, when just 225 Dutch soldiers managed to halt about 17,000 German soldiers.

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