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The Wadden are special. Weather, wind and water keep creating a new landscape here. A seabed that appears bare turns out to be full of life. Take your time, look around and discover how beautiful the Wadden are. Especially in this region, discovering, experiencing and exploring will be highly rewarded. And that can be done in so many ways. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have put together a number of inspiring example tours. Looking for something different? We are happy to help you put together a program that suits your needs. 

  • General example trip

    Welcome to your area of inspiration: the Dutch Wadden Sea!

    General example trip Buitendijks Holwerd
  • World Heritage

    From the dynamic tidal area outside the dikes, with marshes and Wad plates appearing at low tide, to the open polder landscape within the dikes with its endless pastures and fields, former sea walls, historical churches and farms; you will be spoiled for choice in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    World Heritage
  • Water Heritage

    The Wadden: birthplace of Dutch Delta Design. Journey through the fascinating history; from the terps to the new Afsluitdijk and the Fish Migration River.

    Water Heritage
  • Taste of the Wad

    Discover the Wadden area’s local culinary specialities. Eat what rolls in with the tide. The pioneer plants from the marshland, shellfish washed in with the tide, fish from sustainable Wad fishermen and meat from the nature reserves.

    Taste of the Wad
  • Military Heritage

    Visit the impressive remains of the Atlantic Wall in the Wadden coast area. See the bunkers, strongholds and trenches and experience war history during an exciting 3-day tour through North Holland and Friesland.

    Military Heritage

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