From the dyke to the mudflats

Engulfed in nature

If you’re in Makkum the Afsluitdijk and Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site are always within reach. But there is also a world of discovery right at your back door. Visit the Makkumersúdwaard (guided tour) and the Koaiwaard.

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Koaiwaard Makkum

Eldorado for halophilous nature

Between Zwarte Haan and the pier in Holwerd you’ll find one of Europe's largest marshes with small water pools, summer polders and salt-tolerant grasslands. Kweldercentrum Noarderleech is the perfect place to start exploring this Eldorado.

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2.7 Intro Noorderleech

5-star hotel for birds

De Peazemerlannen is a gem outside of the dike near Paesens and Moddergat. You’ll find absolutely everything a marshland has to offer here. From green summer polders, blossoming marsh flowers and the sandy plains of the Wad.

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