5-star hotel for birds

The Peazemerlannen is an 85 hectare nature reserve near the villages of Paesens and Moddergat in north-eastern Friesland. In this transition area between sea dike and mudflats you’ll find everything you might expect from an outside dike marsh area. Enjoy the green summer polders, blossoming marshes and the Wad's sandy plains at this 5-star avian hotel.​

Unsurmounted view
With an awe-inspiring view of the Wadden Sea De Peazemerlannen is one of the outside dike's (salty) gems from nature protection organisation It Fryske Gea. The area is extremely popular with birds year round and they provide the perfect soundtrack to accompany the panoramic views. You’ll get that island feeling gazing out over Schiermonnikoog and the Engelsmanplaat from the embankment.

This area was actually reclaimed from the sea quite some time ago but in 1973 a heavy storm hit the villages of Paesens and Moddergat causing a breach in the summer dike. Repairing the dike was too expensive and the Wadden Sea was given free rein over the northern part of the polder. 

This allowed a new nature area to form, known as De Peazemerlannen, which has been part of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.

Fans of outside dike nature
For fans of outside dike nature there is a lovely walking tour taking you from the Delta dike via the summer dike and back again. A perfect way to combine the twin villages of Paesens and Moddergat where museum ’t Fiskershúske and the authentic houses are reminiscent of the hard life the fishermen endured.


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