Evolution at a glance

The marsh landscape outside of the dike is one of the landscapes that has earned the Wadden Sea its World Heritage Site status. Travel through time and experience the Wadden coast as it must have been before the dikes were built. 

The meadows where sheep, horses and cows graze during summer and different bird species residing there every season.

Zoom in on the flora and you’ll see a completely new landscape emerge. From the salty pioneers such as glasswort and annual seablite in the lower areas to the red fescue and sea purslane in the higher areas. Evolution at a glance. A different colour for each season: lively green during spring, purple during summer and deep red during autumn. 

The marshes themselves are closed during brooding season but you can still watch it all from the dike. Or visit the Wadden Coast Visitors’ Center in Pieterburen where you’ll find lots of information about the biotope of the marshes.


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