Where Abraham gets his mustard

You'll get mustard with every meal in Eenrum. This tiny village has its own mustard factory. Spicy, wholegrain with black and yellow mustard seeds, organically grown in the Wadden area.

You'll learn how mustard is made into different flavours in the mustard factory in Eenrum. They all have one thing in common. The mustard seeds have all been organically grown in the Wadden area. The mustard factory's restaurant is pure heaven for the mustard aficionado. Mustard soup, mustard cheese, mustard sauce or mustard aïoli, they know how to incorporate their product into the most delightful taste sensations in every dish. 

The mustard factory's mustard seeds are cultivated by organic agricultural company Landgoud just a bit further up the coast in Kloosterburen. This company cultivates even more unique crops just behind the Wadden sea dike. They grow hops for beer, white currants for the white currant wine and spelt. You can have a taste at Ambachtelijke Bakkerij Peters and Biobakker van Esch where they use it in their organic bread and pastries.

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