Post-Plaza Grand Café


The beating heart of the hotel is the Grand Café, established in the former Post Office with several details from the past. The barista roasts the coffee beans by himself and you are more than welcome for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.

The beating heart of the hotel is the Grand Café, located in the former Post Office with various details from then and now.

WOW, that's the feeling you get when you enter. The impressive wooden ceiling means that you mainly look upwards. Don't miss the baristas in the large central bar. They warmly welcome you!

The place where you really want to be is the Grand Café Post-Plaza.

You can come for breakfast, the house roasted coffee and of course the Friday afternoon drink. In the Grand Café, delicious dishes are prepared from the (open) kitchen all day long. From a Frisian French toast for breakfast, a shared lunch to a delicious, honest farm chicken or, for example, haddock during dinner.

Eating out in Leeuwarden

The most important thing aside from the interior and the historic character, is the quality of food and drinks. You come to Post-Plaza to eat and not to dine. As in a classic French brasserie, we serve the dishes on sturdy large platters. Generous, but on 1 plate. We call it ‘unadorned’. The taste is the most important thing!

The lounge is the place for a latte macchiato, gin and tonic or a good book. For more light, you can sit by the reading table. In addition to various magazines, there are not only the Leeuwarder Courant and Friesch Dagblad here, but also an NRC and Telegraaf.

Our coffee roaster

Incredibly unique! A hotel & Grand Cafe that roasts its own coffee beans. Post-Plaza is the only one to do this in all of Europe. After much tasting and testing, we have our own Post-Plaza coffee. Barista Jesse is responsible for the roasting process and makes sure that every cup of coffee tastes the same. The advantage of burning yourself is that you have a lot of control over the quality and therefore can keep the standards high.

Walk past the coffee roaster on the mezzanine in the Grand Café. Who knows, Jesse may be there. He likes to share his passion.

A night out at Post-Plaza!

If you are used to going out for dinner to sit down at the table right away, we like to mess this up. Start your evening out with an aperitif in the lounge. If you would like to sit down at the table, please let one of our employees know. As soon as a place becomes available, you can sit at the table. It is certain that you can eat during the evening!

You can make a reservation for a table via our website. Of course you can also call us for a reservation; 058 2159317

By the way, did you know that Grand Café is also the perfect location for flexible working? There are sockets everywhere, free WiFi and of course freshly-roasted home-made coffee. A win-win situation. Combining your flex desk with a business lunch or small meeting is then a small step.

Business hours of Grand Café:

Sunday to Thursday from 7:00am to 12:00pm

Friday & Saturday from 8:00pm to 01:00am

Here you will find Post-Plaza Grand Café

Tweebaksmarkt 27
8911 KW Leeuwarden
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