Huize Doornstaete


The detached villa 'Huize Doornstaete' was built in an eclectic architectural style around the year 1880.

The detached villa 'Huize Doornstaete' was built in an eclectic architectural style around the year 1880. It was originally built as a notary's residence.

Description exterior The block-shaped building has a brick facade and a symmetrical layout. The facade is embellished at the corners with stucco pilaster strips. Under the wooden gutter is a stucco frieze with diamond pattern. The windows are framed with stucco, on the ground floor on each side two pilasters with Corinthian capitals.

The symmetrical facade is, as it were, divided into three. A part of a building is also called a bay. The main entrance is located in the middle bay. This consists of a panel door with glass panels and a fanlight. The entrance has a staircase with four steps. Above this front door is a floor with a wooden balcony. The balcony rests on cast iron pillars with Corinthian capitals. A capital is the headpiece of a pillar or pilaster. You can see that this is a Corinthian by the decorations with leaves of the acanthus plant.

The windows have an entablature on either side. An entablature is a wide, horizontal moulding. The cornice is the top moulding, broken by a semicircular pediment with a rosette.

The rear elevation has a single storey extension. This facade is much more sober and has an irregular door and window layout.

Valuation of the national monument The villa is of general interest from a cultural and architectural-historical point of view as a well-preserved example of a notable residence from the second half of the 19th century, built in an eclectic style. In addition, the villa has situational value due to its iconic location on Bosstraat.

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