It Wikelslân Nature Reserve at De Alde Feanen National Park


If you like the idea of walking in a swamp forest, a 3 or 5-kilometre walk through this remarkable part of the De Alde Feanen National Park will lead you on a fascinating journey of discovery.

Reed beds, rugged areas, hay meadows and grassland don’t just provide the backdrop for a scenic walk. Species that have disappeared elsewhere have found a home here. Have you ever seen a green hawker dragonfly, a water rail, a bluethroat or a little bearded reedling? Buzzards wonder what you are doing here, roe deer look up with pricked ears, meanwhile you may spot rare plants among the seemingly common daisies.

There is no shortage of biodiversity here! 

The walks lead through the Reid om 'e Krite area where there are three bird-watching hides. Outside the breeding season, which runs from 15 March to 1 July, you can extend your walk by about 12 kilometres. Pop a flask in your backpack and head over to the Wikelslân nature reserve. You’re in for a treat! 

De Alde Feanen National Park

De Alde Feanen is one of the national parks in the Netherlands. It is a wetland that area was created by peat mining. In many places you literally have to leap over water. It is delightful to explore the area from the water. Cruising through the area at night is a memorable experience! But you can also discover the unique features of the terrain on foot. 

At the Visitor Centre on Koaidyk road in the village of Earnewâld you can find details of walks, more information and a permanent exhibition. 

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Here you will find It Wikelslân Nature Reserve at De Alde Feanen National Park

It Wikelslân
Dominee Bolleman - van der Veenweg
9264 Earnewald
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