Hogebierenweg 5


The farmhouse with front house in the Hogebieren was built on a late medieval mound. The workman's cottage at the beginning of the driveway recalls the agricultural period of the late 19th century.

A farm has been built on a late medieval mound in the hamlet of Hogebieren. The foundation stone was laid in 1864 for the construction of the farmhouse. The front house has been given the name 'De Stins' and, together with the barn, dates from 1906. Stins is originally a Frisian word for 'stone house', which was mainly used in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen for a medieval habitable tower that could be defended . This refers to the place where this farmhouse was built: on top of the late medieval mound.

At the time this was a very modern farm. A summer milk barn has been built behind the farm, something unique for that time. The workman's house is at the beginning of the driveway to the farm.

Together, these houses are reminiscent of agricultural life on the Hogebieren. Old photos have been found in the archive in which the farm and the workman's house can both be seen clearly.

In 1990 the permit was granted for the construction of the barn next to the workman's cottage.

Sources - Farm Foundation North Holland: www.boerderijenstichting.nl - Wikipedia - Receive information and map from the current owners

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Here you will find Hogebierenweg 5

Hogebierenweg 5
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