Peilschaalhuisje Den Oever


The gauge house in the harbor of Den Oever was used to record the water level. There are two of these houses on Wieringen.

This gauge house is one of the two gauge houses on Wieringen. The other is on the Quarantineweg on Westerland. Both gauge houses date from 1919. They were built on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat and were used to record the water level. There were more along the coast.

The gauge houses on the former island of Wieringen were built before the construction of the Korte Afsluitdijk in the direction of Van Ewijcksluis and the large Afsluitdijk in the direction of Friesland. This made it clear what the influence of the arrival of these dykes was on the water levels.

After the Second World War, the computer took over the measurement work and the houses became redundant.

Valuation The gauge house is of cultural and architectural-historical value. It is a well-preserved example of the gauge houses from the first quarter of the 20th century that were built by the Dutch government. It is an element in the history of water management in the Netherlands.

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Here you will find Peilschaalhuisje Den Oever

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