Group accommodation at ‘De Blikvaart’

Sint Annaparochie

A Group accommodation can house up to 22 persons. It is a spacious accommodation with 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It is directly located at the water side (for fishing and sailing). It provides a beautiful view over the Frisian landscapes.

Group accommodation at ‘De Blikvaart’, located in Friesland. All the space your group needs

Here you will have plenty of space to enjoy the company of your group. Cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying fun activities together*. We have hosted numerous shuffleboard, foosbal, table tennis and boardgames competitions.

* During your stay you can enjoy the whirlpool, infraredcabin and sunbed! Have a look at all facilities.

 Lots of fun for children

Kids entertain themselves perfectly at the area surrounding the farm. There is a trampoline and there are several playground equipment and go karts present. Even swimming in the harbor and petting and/or riding our ponies is quite fun! You could also make an excursion to a Frisian Island or the aqua zoo.

   Fishing, cycling and much more…   You can fish from the jetty. You can rent bicycles, motor boats and canoes to discover the environment. You can make an appointment for a group activity. You can experience the real ‘Frisian Island Feeling’ by making a hike at the tide near Holwerd (about 20 kilometers from De Blikvaart)   Groups with special needs

The accommodation is also accessible for people in wheelchairs and has adjusted facilities. The first floor is completely flat and provided with an adjusted bathroom.

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Here you will find Group accommodation at ‘De Blikvaart’

Hemmemaweg 12
9076PH Sint Annaparochie
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