Monumentale woning en schuur - Nieuwe Streek 36


The house is a national monument and the former wooden fish shed has the status of a provincial monument.

This house on the Nieuwe Streek in the protected village view in Kolhorn is protected with the status of a national monument. The building has a plastered facade with a wooden gable panelling. A grocery business was once located in the house.

The wooden shed opposite the house is protected as a provincial monument. The barn belongs to the house because the houses on the Nieuwe Streek have an overgarden. This is a garden that is separated from the house by the public road. It is protected as a monument because it is one of the few completely wooden buildings in Kolhorn.

Originally the barn was used as a fishing shed. Around 1915 a dairyman used it as a shed for his ket and wagon. In a later period, especially after the expansion around 1920, various crafts were established. The expansion from that time indicates this with 'display windows' along the main footpath.

The wooden shed dates from the 19th century and has a roof with black tiles. The wooden frames have simple decorative carvings.

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Here you will find Monumentale woning en schuur - Nieuwe Streek 36

Nieuwe Streek 36
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